The Science of ClO2

The Science of ProKure 

The ProKure System utilizes ClO2, an oxidizer that physically changes the chemical make-up of pathogens & odor-causing elements, and leaves no harmful residuals.

The Ecology of ProKure?

Once applied, ClO2 naturally dissipates leaving no harmful residue. It basically vanishes, taking with it odor and pathogens.

ProKure is an ideal choice for today’s environmental expectations. It leaves no harmful chemical footprint. There are no carcinogens or poisonous residuals. And it does not chlorinate organic material, thereby significantly decreasing trihalomethanes (THMs), haloacetic acids (HAAs) and other chlorinated organic compounds associated with odor and pathogen control treatments.

Bottomline, ProKure is the most ecologically advanced professional grade odor and pathogen control method available. For a cleaner job and a cleaner planet.

A Faster Kill At The Cellular Level

Other cleaners take as long as 7-10 minutes killing pathogen and odor causing organisms on the cellular level. ClO2 kills by attacking the cell wall — a process that has a minimal dwell time. Then the ClO2vanishes.

ProKure Patented Drop and Go System

Chlorine dioxide (CD) has been used for decades for large-scale applications. Most notably, it is used by water treatment facilities to sanitize and deodorize drinking water. However, treatment facilities that use CD produce their own supply by using large, expensive on-site machinery. For this reason, smaller companies have been unable to harness the amazing power of CD... until now.

With the advent of ProKure's patented drop and go system, companies of any size can now safely, consistently and economically combat a variety of oder, mold, mildew and bacterial challenges. ProKure can be easily shipped and safely prepared, handled and stored.

All ProKure products feature a pouch which utilizes a patented technology designed to produce consistent amounts of chlorine dioxide, in either a gas or liquid form.

See how it works in the diagram below.