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The ProKure System is an evolution in professional grade odor and pathogen control – the first true advance in decades. ??

Whenever children are together, there is a chance of spreading infections. Children are likely to use their hands to wipe their noses or rub their eyes and then touch surfaces and other children. These children then touch their noses and rub their eyes so the virus goes from the nose or eyes of one child by way of hands to the next child who then rubs his own eyes or nose.

How Diseases are Spread

Understanding how diseases are spread can help prevent illness. Here are the most common routes of transmission:

  • Fecal-Oral: Contact with human stool; usually ingestion after contact with contaminated food or objects
  • Respiratory: Contact with respiratory particles or droplets from the nose, throat, and mouth 
  • Direct skin-to-skin contact: Contact with infected skin 
  • Indirect contact: Contact with contaminated objects or surfaces 
  • Bloodborne: Contact with blood or body fluids

With ProKure, anyone can get better results performing more types of jobs than ever before. They also save time, eliminate need for other products and enhance ecology.

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