Real Estate/Property Management

ProKure's partner - ProKureKlean, LLC - delivers turn key odor elimination services to institutional real estate managers.

Stop Letting Odor Eat Into Your Bottom Line.

Now Available: Pro Grade Odor Control Services for Institutions.

Uncontrolled odor costs managers of institutional of commercial and residential real estate time and money. Prokure Klean delivers advanced professional grade odor elimination to institutional real estate managers. With ProKure Klean, you get quick and effective odor control solutions through qualified restoration pros to make your real estate occupation-ready with minimal time and disruption.

Advances Odor & Pathogen Control Science

ProKure Klean uses the ProKure Odor & Pathogen Control System – a patented ClO-based system that delivers significantly superior results on more types of odor and pathogen control jobs than ever before. Nothing is more effective than ClO(chlorine dioxide) for controlling odors. Guaranteed.

Ecologically Safe

Not another bleach or harsh chemical, ClO2 has been used for public water system purification and other large scale projects for decades. Now, Clo2 is safe and cost-efficient for any size job. There are no carcinogens or poisonous residuals. And it leaves no harmful chemical footprint.

Let Us Do The Work

Through our licensed network of restoration professionals, ProKure Klean provides turn-key odor control services. You’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re getting the most advanced odor control available. And your team is freed from distractions.

  • Home & apartment odor elimination
  • Extreme cigarette / smoke smell
  • Disinfects and Prevents MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph), Ebola and others
  • Smoking room conversions in hotels and casinos
  • Pet Oder
  • HVAC Systems deodorization
  • Contents deodorization
  • Pathogen Control / BioSafety Response to trauma and viral or bacterial outbreaks
  • Water damage-related deodorization

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ClO2 is changing the world of professional odor and pathogen control. Learn more…

The World’s Most Advanced Odor & Pathogen Control Solution

The ProKure System is a new category of odor & pathogen control that enhances the restoration pro’s power and profitability. The active ingredient is radically effective on odor, mold, mildew, and bacterial challenges of any scale. It’s one system that replaces many products while also ecologically safe, fast and very simple to use.